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Starter Kit Oils: A Brief Overview

    Order your kit here     what is in the premium starter kit? lavender   Lavender, often called “The Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils, is one oil you will likely find yourself reaching for often. Just a drop may help soothe minor skin abrasions, a swipe along the inside cheek may help bring Read More


The Staircase To Business Success

You’re in a large building. You need to get to the top floor. You have an appointment in twenty minutes and you planned your entire day for this. In the lobby, you need to check in. The receptionist is on a call and she’s alone so you have to wait. Time is ticking for you Read More

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How To Create Your Own Family Traditions

I am an eighties kid.  I am sure by the cover picture you were able to tell that.  Today is October 21, 2015.  For any eighties kid, this date has massive amounts of significance not to mention nostalgia and emotion.  When I was a kid, watching this trilogy was an escape for my siblings and Read More


Tantrums Are … Gone?

As we are enduring the tumultuous phases of Toddler Personality Syndrome, (it’s not a “thing” but it should be!) we have looked for countless methods of handling the three-second mood change without putting on sound blocking headphones and body armor.  My adorable, sweet, innocent son, G, has had the worst year of tantrums.  When I say that Read More