Is Avoiding Germs Making You Sick?

It’s so simple, isn’t it?  You’re standing at the checkout line in the grocery store, and you see a big stash of hand sanitizer right by the cashier.  You think to yourself that you want to keep your family as germ-free as possible, so you grab a few of those tiny bottles at $1.00 a Read More

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How To Create Your Own Family Traditions

I am an eighties kid.  I am sure by the cover picture you were able to tell that.  Today is October 21, 2015.  For any eighties kid, this date has massive amounts of significance not to mention nostalgia and emotion.  When I was a kid, watching this trilogy was an escape for my siblings and Read More


Remorseless About Pre-K!

Every year about this time, moms around the globe get ready for the exciting time in their and their kids’ lives to go back to school.  Speaking as a former child, I remember that going back to school was like a dream on one hand, and depressing on the other because it meant summer is Read More