Why Young Living?

How to Get Essential Oils at Wholesale Pricing Have you seen discounted pricing plans from other companies? Normally it means a commitment to order a certain amount of product each month. Young Living’s Wholesale Membership does not require you to buy monthly. (Of course you’ll want to, but that should be your decision.) To get Read More


Is Avoiding Germs Making You Sick?

It’s so simple, isn’t it?  You’re standing at the checkout line in the grocery store, and you see a big stash of hand sanitizer right by the cashier.  You think to yourself that you want to keep your family as germ-free as possible, so you grab a few of those tiny bottles at $1.00 a Read More


Moms: You need THESE Top Five Items For The Winter

Guess what guys!  It’s another “here’s my opinion” blog post!  Nah, not really.  I just wanted to let you in on what works for us.  My little kids take a beating from school germs and winter overload, ya know? So I’ve comprised a list of the top FIVE things that work for us! Don’t take Read More