I Have Fibromyalgia: It Doesn’t Have Me

it’s invisible It took twenty years to be accurately diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I remember years ago someone saying that it isn’t a real thing, so they made up a diagnosis.  Clearly that person was extremely uneducated.  When we see someone with a visible disability or an obvious disadvantage, it tends to be easier to understand.  Read More


The Oil Experience: After Your Kit Purchase

  I’ve got my kit.  now what? After you’ve gotten you Premium Starter Kit here, you now have access to amazing support from a nationwide team of educators.  We can arrange for you to have a free nutritional scan using biofeedback and bioimpedance. I personally will guide you in curtailing these amazing oils to work with Read More


Keep Off The (fake) Grass!

Scrolling through my Facebook feed on a holiday weekend is pretty much a disaster. In fact, it’s usually every weekend that it’s a disaster but I just keep scrolling and keep my mouth shut. Today, though, it warrants a post; an awareness, if you will.  I have a friend who messaged me today. We both Read More


Everything We Need To Know Is Taught In Kindergarten

Today I had breakfast with a friend who is moving out of state. It was so good to see her face. She’s one of those people whom when you meet them, you know they’ll be in your life forever. Or, at least you hope. We talked about our daughters. She has THREE (triplets, to be exact). Read More