Top Ten Tips for Networking Marketing Professionals

Network Marketing: It Has Changed My Life TOP TEN TIPS! Partnering Up: Find your person. It’s extremely difficult to do this business without a partner. No one likes to feel alone in this and if you’ve been here for a hot minute, you may already know this. It could be crossline, upline, downline, it could Read More


I Almost Took Your Baby

Dear Mom on Delta flight 2646 out of Salt Lake City, Utah to Orlando, I remember seeing your two really small (and adorable) babies toddling their way around the gate.  I was there extremely early just waiting to go home to my own two kids.  It was a long day for me, so I can Read More


How To Get That Baby To Sleep

I hear it ALL THE TIME from moms and dads alike that their kid just doesn’t sleep, or that napping is out of the question. While I’m in no position whatsoever to critique anyone for how they feel about this, I do know how important sleep is for the growth of tiny people and I Read More


Money Out of a Toddler

My toddlers are magnetized to my husband’s wallet.  It’s an unexplained phenomenon.  Anything that is in their reach is fair game which is why I’ve repeatedly told my hubs to keep his wallet in a safe place. One morning we weren’t watching the little darling and she grabbed the wallet and cleaned it out.  Literally.  Read More


That Little Curmudgeon!

Everyone says it, that having a baby means you won’t need an alarm clock.  So you get used to the everyday round-the-clock feedings and with every hour long minute that passes you keep telling yourself it’ll get better… it’ll get better. Fast forward two and a half years, and my darling little curmudgeon still taunts Read More