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Starter Kit Oils: A Brief Overview

    Order your kit here     what is in the premium starter kit? lavender   Lavender, often called “The Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils, is one oil you will likely find yourself reaching for often. Just a drop may help soothe minor skin abrasions, a swipe along the inside cheek may help bring Read More


Because I Hated Being Alone

Man.  I remember my early years of wifehood.  We had kids so soon that wifehood and motherhood just became one giant fondue pot of mess.  Everywhere I looked were moms who seemed to have it all together, and I was like, “why is just not my thing?” “Will it ever be my thing?” I often Read More


I Almost Took Your Baby

Dear Mom on Delta flight 2646 out of Salt Lake City, Utah to Orlando, I remember seeing your two really small (and adorable) babies toddling their way around the gate.  I was there extremely early just waiting to go home to my own two kids.  It was a long day for me, so I can Read More


Tantrums Are … Gone?

As we are enduring the tumultuous phases of Toddler Personality Syndrome, (it’s not a “thing” but it should be!) we have looked for countless methods of handling the three-second mood change without putting on sound blocking headphones and body armor.  My adorable, sweet, innocent son, G, has had the worst year of tantrums.  When I say that Read More


Remorseless About Pre-K!

Every year about this time, moms around the globe get ready for the exciting time in their and their kids’ lives to go back to school.  Speaking as a former child, I remember that going back to school was like a dream on one hand, and depressing on the other because it meant summer is Read More