I Have Fibromyalgia: It Doesn’t Have Me

it’s invisible It took twenty years to be accurately diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I remember years ago someone saying that it isn’t a real thing, so they made up a diagnosis.  Clearly that person was extremely uneducated.  When we see someone with a visible disability or an obvious disadvantage, it tends to be easier to understand.  Read More


Haters: Use It As Fuel

“To escape criticism—do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” —Elbert Hubbard So it’s happened to you.  You’ve put yourself out there, you’ve opened your soul (mouth) to the world, and then it happens.  You’ve offended someone somehow in some way.  What do you do with it? It hurts.  To have people criticize you when your motives Read More


This Is For You

I’m trying to start a movement.  For some, it may seem impossible but I like things that seem impossible.  I recently had a conversation with one of my close friends about the future.  It was that “what if?” conversation.  “What if the terms ‘active shooter’ or ‘lock down’ are commonplace in children’s day?”  “What if Read More


The Staircase To Business Success

You’re in a large building. You need to get to the top floor. You have an appointment in twenty minutes and you planned your entire day for this. In the lobby, you need to check in. The receptionist is on a call and she’s alone so you have to wait. Time is ticking for you Read More