The 180 Experience

Here’s the thing.

Everyone makes changes.  We all do it. Daily!

Sometimes, it may seem like a fad.  It seems as if everyone is either going “green”, “nontoxic”, or “crunchy” in one way or another.  It’s all over social media and it’s probably one of the most commonly talked about and shared topics as of late.  Why do you think that is? I’ll be the first to admit I have much to learn on the topic, but far be it from me to not do better than I was.  That’s why I’m here and that’s why I am looking to connect with you.  To help you get away from where I was.

It’s more than oils.  Young Living is way more than just the best essential oil on the planet.  They’re also the best wellness company around.  After we started using the oils and replacing “quick grab” items with them, we dove deeper into what else could be effecting our health.  Toxic chemicals are everywhere you guys.  EVERYWHERE.  We could seriously drive ourselves crazy with information overload if we aren’t careful.  I promise you., thought, that if you invest into your health now, that investment will come right back to you.  My philosophy was, “we either pay for it now, or pay for it later…with our health.”

Many of you know that I got started with using eos because we needed a physical and emotional change. My battle with PPD and being the mom of preemies was no easy task. There are tons of posts about it on this site where I am extremely transparent. I had no idea I would do it as a business, and I’ve managed to replace and double the income I was making working outside of my home in  job I hated.  I am a Gold Leader with Young Living, and it is my passion to get these oils into the home of as many people as possible. All eleven body systems can be supported with the use of these little gems.

Did you know that aromatic use hits your olfactory system and within 3 seconds your brain feels the effects? It takes only 20 minutes for application on the skin to take effect.

The best and most cost effective way to get started with The 180 Experience is to sign up as a YL wholesale member.  With this membership, you have access to wholesale pricing of products we KNOW will work, reduced shipping, and access to our members only discussion groups.  Be sure to sign up with someone who will support and guide you.  That’s me.

Here’s how you get your own kit!!

  1.  Click on this link.
  2.  Choose Member (you are getting wholesale prices!) Make sure it has 2331605 in both the sponsor and the enroller tabs.
  3.  Add your personal information. (I have no access to it!)
  4.  Then you pick the kit (choose from Thieves, Ningxia or Essential Oils).  The oil kit is ELEVEN oils! You also can choose whichever diffuser you want. There are 4 to choose from.
  5. Opt out of the essential rewards kit – that’s for a later date, if you end wanting to order monthly.
  6. Process your order

You’re all set! Now just email me and connect with me so we can get your essential oil resources sent to you.  Friend me on facebook right here because that is where I do most of my communication!

Can’t wait to connect!


December 2017 Coming soon! 

July 2017

  July 4th:  ONE DAY ONLY! Choose any item from the YL catalog and receive it free with your Starter Kit! 




JUNE 2017:


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