How To Endure The NICU

In a previous post I had mentioned what we went through with our daughter’s delivery.  The most difficult part about all of that was that I still do not remember hearing her first cry.  Fifteen months later, we decided to do things differently.  “Accepting that anything can happen made for a much better experience.” My original Read More


Homemade Whipped Skin Cream (THE best!)

I have *the most* tempermental skin out of anyone I have ever met.  There are times when I feel like I am drier than the desert.  Then there are times when my skin is so oily that it reflects light!  I have tried countless numbers of lotions and creams to no avail. When I discovered Read More


Tyrannical Tantrums: How We Deal

Just when we thought the most difficult phase of the infant to toddler age has passed us, we enter the even more difficult phase of tantrums.  My daughter, now age 4, was rarely if ever prone to tantrums. If she had one it was usually pretty simple to talk with her about what was happening.  Read More


How To Detect Infant Reflux

When I was first pregnant with my daughter, I had no idea how awry things can go. I, like most mothers-to-be, had it in my mind that after a wonderful and relatively painless delivery, I’d then bring home a happy, cooing baby who sleeps a full twelve hours. Maybe I was a little naive. Okay, Read More


How To Get That Baby To Sleep

I hear it ALL THE TIME from moms and dads alike that their kid just doesn’t sleep, or that napping is out of the question. While I’m in no position whatsoever to critique anyone for how they feel about this, I do know how important sleep is for the growth of tiny people and I Read More