Top Ten Tips for Networking Marketing Professionals

Network Marketing: It Has Changed My Life


Partnering Up:

Find your person. It’s extremely difficult to do this business without a partner. No one likes to feel alone in this and if you’ve been here for a hot minute, you may already know this. It could be crossline, upline, downline, it could be anyone. It’s extremely important to have someone you can bounce ideas off of and do events with. It’s so helpful!! And basically necessary!


Comparing your journey to someone else’s is poison. I know many in here have done it, I’ve done it, and countless others have. It’s just a reminder that there is no such thing as a finish line and there is no such thing as luck in this business. It has everything to do with desire and maximizing your learning capacity.

Personal Growth:

It’s everything. Being at the forefront of a group, whether it’s 2 or 2,000 people is extremely difficult for even the most seasoned of business members. Invest in yourself, and you will get that investment back. Whether it’s a book, an event, a business coach, whatever it is – you do you! We can say we can’t afford these things, but in the words of John Maxwell, it’s “not an income problem, it’s a thinking problem.” Don’t cheapen your own value. Have a healthy self image to invest in yourself!:)

Invest Time:

Don’t just “spend time”. Invest it. Bigger people will make you bigger, and smaller people will make you smaller. Spend time and energy with those who make you feel like you not only have the ability to grow, but the power to do it on your own. We invest time because we get a return. We invest time with older ones, wiser ones, happier ones, and why? Because we grow from it. We’re only as good as the questions we ask. Find someone you’re inspired by and ask questions.

Advanced Attraction:

“When you know what you want in the future, your mind is attracted to thoughts; to ideas that will make better the things you want.” The key is this: you gotta know what you want.


“I gotta work.” vs. “I GET TO work”.

Meaning we feel joy and happiness and privileged. We “get to” do what we do. As for failure, if I don’t have a lot of failure in my life and in my business, it is then that I’m a failure.

Maintaining Your Rank:

We’ve heard countless upline address our need to maintain our current rank, and I know I’ve done it before!! However, maintaining isn’t a goal. Maybe we can switch that mindset to growth every month, rather than maintain!:) Use layered learning. Use one new method every month and then you’ll have new methods on top of new methods. Reach for growth!

When I got started in this business, I started learning leadership immediately because I wanted to be that person. You ALL are that person. Your enrollments and business members adore you and need your leadership.


Seeing a TON of people lack confidence and have fear. Myself included. Getting higher up in the company has its pros and cons. The pros are obvious. The cons – you open yourself to criticism and comparison. That’s part of the job and it takes getting used to. Confidence is something I can definitely say is a life long lesson. Confidence in what we teach, using the products, teaching the business, juggling it all. Confidence will give you that thick skin that you’re gonna need. Once you have it, you’re gonna be even better. Then, fear won’t take over. Fear of criticism and fear of judgement. Fear of success. Fear of failure. It’s all about confidence.

Fear of Ranking:

Once you hit silver there is a measure of responsibility and I wonder if that brings fear for some. It’s just a hunch. At silver you’re added to fire groups where you see it’s not all happiness and joy. It’s a business. At silver you have a good amount of people under you and you may be needed more and that can cause fear. I’ve felt that way!! I hear ya!

I want to emphasize the FREEDOM this job brings. Freedom to do GREAT things. The freedom of TIME and the FREEDOM of artistic and creative discovery. That’s what we are doing here. Feel the FREEDOM to run your own teams, educate your own enrollments, and enlighten countless people as you all already are!


ALWAYS have / show gratitude, for your family and for your team.  The business model is simple but it is NOT easy! Only 2% of those in Network Marketing make it a sustainable income.  BE THAT 2%.  BE THAT PERSON!  Show gratitude for your team  and it will all come back!!

I’m okay.  You will be too!

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