Chemical Facts

Companies can put ANY raw ingredients in their products and not have to test them for safety.

After a newborn baby was born, his cord blood had been tested to have over 40 different toxic chemicals in his system with 300 unidentified yet. This was before he’d even had food, water or breathed the air.

The Johnson & Johnson baby shampoos actually HAVE a formaldehyde free product but choose to not put it on the market.

Bleach and ammonia are MONSTERS. You can clean with them and think you’re rinsing them away but they never leave. Years ago I wasn’t this person who cared so much about women’s health and children’s safety. I used to just buy stuff because it was on the shelf. I’m amazed how much everyday products increase our chances for cancer and yet people know these things and STILL consume these products. If you’re still using these products, why? Because it’s affordable? Pay now or pay later.

• 7.3 million American couples have trouble conceiving or carrying to term. If 49% increase since 1988.

• In 1999, 1 in 500 kids had autism. Today it is 1 in 88.

• Numerous studies associate adverse pregnancy outcomes with toxic chemicals including pesticides, DDT, PCBs, and BPA.

• PCOS is linked to endocrine disruption, which is linked to BPA in our products.

• Researchers at Harvard found that infants receiving treatment for medical devices containing PVC are exposed to high levels of the phthalate DEHP, which is classified as a carcinogen and reproductive toxicant. (My Gideon was a preemie. This is an outrage.) Medical devices are critical but how can we make them safer?

Friends. Changing chemical policy is mandatory. People claim it’s safe at the levels we are exposed to them. We don’t have all the info about the tens of thousands of chemicals.

When I hopped on the plan for a non-toxic life, it was because I had NO IDEA what was happening. I don’t think we should need a PhD in chemistry to be able to purchase items for our families. I am soooo thankful for Young Living and using these non toxic products in our home. Do you have thieves cleaner yet?

Have you had enough? Aren’t you sick of this happening in our world?

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