Pilot’s Wifery

The hardest part about being a pilot’s wife is being the mom to his children. Before we had kids, his schedule didn’t much matter to me because I was completely okay with being alone. We’ve always been great together even when we’re apart. I feel like strongest marriages are the ones that the spouses can be without each other.

Here’s six year old Wendi:

If being raised in a divorced household taught me one thing, it’s the importance of having both parents around. That term, “around” is what gets me though. Plenty of parents are around but not present and vice versa. Beau is present. He puts 100% of his focus on one task at time, which is why his absence is felt when he’s on shift.

I remember being six years old not fully understanding why I didn’t have my dad reading to me at night, when other kids my age did. Maybe they didn’t; but in my mind they did. Okay, maybe that’s what TV taught me. I wanted to be The Keatons from Family Ties or the Seavers from Growing Pains. I’m pretty sure all 80’s kids did because that’s what normal was. Maybe that’s why I’m so concerned about their wellbeing, because I didn’t have that.
Any Pilot wives out there ?

Also, Parenting Actually is about to be a book!
Love you


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