The Habit

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. That’s three weeks. How long does it take to break a habit?

It depends on the person and the habit. As psychologists would say, it’s always the individual and the situation together. Breaking a habit really means establishing a NEW habit.

Commitment (a person characteristic) and a strategy (what you bring to the situation) are key. After that, it’s practice, which is typically experienced as two steps forward, one step back.

In applying this mentality to our business, what are our habits when we first start? Well, we are excited, we get out there, we enroll people, we show our enthusiasm, and we get PUMPED when we start seeing our paychecks! Statistics show that takes three weeks to happen.

On the flip side, these habits die off. Maybe we break the “habit” of posting about our life/business. Maybe we break the habit of enthusiasm, maybe we break the habit of being active in the group for our downlines to see. Maybe we even break the habit of using our oils.

What do we do about this?


Plain and simple, we need to flex our business muscle. We have quite a few people in here who are very much into physical fitness. What happens when we stop using our muscles? They aren’t as strong over time, right? What about the “habit” of working those muscles? They grow. They develop. They inspire others to want to work out too!

When we break the habit of growing our business, we may not even realize it’s happening. We could rationalize, “sure, I’ve enrolled x amount of people. I’m good. ” But are we fooling ourselves? At some point, the leadership muscle needs to be flexed, and our teams need to see us growing and gaining momentum. When the habit of growth is broken, what habit is taking its place? Maybe we even think, “well, I wanted to rank up and make good money to quit my job and retire my hubby, but now I’m cool with it just being a hobby.” … and so the habit of hobby takes over.

I wish you all an amazing week. I know everyone is battling their own issues in life, and for many if not most, that takes precedence. However, there was a point in time when your business was the habit, and life was just part of flexing. At some point, have the problems in life become the habit? Really, they’re distractions.

Please comment below with your favorite habit. I want all positive habits that get you going in your life. It could be a daily habit, a tradition, a daily book or something you read.

Participate in your habit, and the habit will never leave!

Love you guys

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