Right Now Is What’s Happening 

Cue Van Halen: RIGHT NOW.
There is no other chance to have right now.

Right now someone else is talking to your possible business leg.

Right now someone else is paying you to work for them.

Right now someone else is living your dream.

Right now time is having its way with you.

Right now someone else is teaching your class.

Right now you have a business you can pass down to your kids.

Right now you can change your life.

Right now some other person has reached out to your fencesitter.

Right now your memory is getting longer while your life is getting shorter.

Right now your boss holds the power to feed your family.

Right now you are figuring your business out.

Myth of doing this business:

I want to know the business in and out.

-Reality check: You’re never going to know the entire business in and out. When you do, that’s when you’ll realize you have more to learn.
Myth of your products: I want to know what every single product does first.


-Reality check: You may not know what every single product does. Science changes daily. Right now, you know more than someone who doesn’t have anything at all, whatever it is that you sell.
See my point ? Still with me? I was inspired to think about this today and while my personality is generally unapologetically direct, I see many if not most of you are not.
That’s okay!

You can be a motivated, ambitious, driven and personally successful person in accordance with your personality. You know your reach and you know your best qualities.

Know them and use them. 

If you have an audience and you’re in your first 6 months – now is the time to build. If you’re within your first year, you still have a reach.

Motivation – Where is it ? Who is it? What is it?

Once you reach a rank of leadership, I’ll be honest, you still hustle but it’s different. I work because I choose to. But you work how you see fit. However, “now” will be “then” if a moment is allowed to pass. This applies to life as well as business.
There’s no other way to do this than…. NOW.
/mic drop.
Love you.

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