Everything We Need To Know Is Taught In Kindergarten

Today I had breakfast with a friend who is moving out of state. It was so good to see her face. She’s one of those people whom when you meet them, you know they’ll be in your life forever. Or, at least you hope. We talked about our daughters. She has THREE (triplets, to be exact). She mentions how amazing yet extremely hard it is to mom and of course, I agree with her. 

I asked her opinion on something I’ve always wondered and I’d like yours too. At what point do we stop believing we can do anything we want? My daughter walks around seeing this entire earth as her platform. She doesn’t use the word “if”. She says “when”. If she decides she’s going to do a perfect back walkover by day’s end having no training whatsoever, then rest assured she will accomplish it. 

When do we stop believing we can do anything we want and just “accept” that what we have is “it” for us. When is our belief in our bodies and minds and their possibilities tainted by the so-called realities of life ? 
Can you imagine if we all believed we were invincible and that reaching our goals was just a matter of time ?

 Imagine if we instinctively used our kids as our examples for our development and maintenance of our saucer eyes. How incredible would the world be? 

To my children, everything is beautiful, (except for when my son is tossing himself down the bread aisle in a lucid tirade. That’s not a beautiful time for him). But for the most part, every single day they wake up ready and excited about what the day will bring. 

I think we all need that, don’t you? 

We finish our coffee and we part ways, knowing that her new venture out of state is going to be an exciting one, paved with possibilities! As we had just discussed, seeing the world through our children’s eyes is the most refreshing way to see it; only as adults, we have a bit more wisdom to keep everyone safe. Being positive and joyous doesn’t mean you’re naive or ignorant. It means you’re hopeful and powerful and hold the ideal that change is within you. 

If we encourage this belief system in our children, shouldn’t we adhere to it in our own minds as adults? I’d like to. Your thoughts

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