Having Twins: Real Life 

Throughout my career as a mom I’ve met some seriously inspiring people. You’ll start to see inspiring moms featured here on my blog because, well, they’re just amazing. 

My goal to create a community is not thwarted by circumstances I’ve not experienced. It just gives me fire to learn about them! 

Meet Sara, an amazing person that we want to feature on our mother nation series. Being a newlywed and just finding out she is having twins, she has such an amazing viewpoint on this life change. Let’s plug in to our interview: 

Did having kids passed 35 scare you at all? If so why?

Of course. Growing up I always thought that I would be one to find my forever man and have babies. Here I am mid-20s going into my 30s and surrounded by friends and family who have tons & Im not even close to married, yet. Albeit there were a few unplanned curves in there, you still expect your “life plan” to somewhat comply. Heading into my marriage, we knew that the “wait at least a year before you have kids to enjoy each other and being a newlywed” suggestion was a joke because I was already going into it high-risk. It scared me even more with the multitude of reproductive issues I suffered growing up. I don’t need to go into detail but I thought it was already a crapshoot that I could get pregnant, let alone so quickly. Lots of other concerns always come into play like where the support is coming from since my immediate family is not in the area, how old will I be when my babies start having babies or will I even be alive…etc.   

Describe finding out you were having twins! It must have been a shock! 

I don’t think theres ever a way to explain this moment. It was a whirlwind already finding out that we were just “pregnant” since we really weren’t trying and because we had really only gotten married 3 short months beforehand. So when we went into our second OB appointment for the 6-week ultrasound and the technician said “heres Baby A looking good” – we both had the same after-thought of “so, why do they label them with letters now?” However, the moment the words “wait, you didn’t know you were having twins?” came out of her mouth, our world changed forever. Technically, it stopped spinning for a second. Joe looked to the floor so his tears could go somewhere, and I essentially blacked out and don’t remember much of the day. Everyone jokes, even we’re guilty, but the split second someone tells you that you’re carrying multiples, that is a moment that goes down in history. 
How far along are you? 
I’ll be 21 weeks on Friday 5/13. 
What are you favorite things ? (products, websites, tools)    

I love that Moms of Multiples come out of the woodwork. Friends of friends of friends will put you in touch with another MOM (as we call ourselves) so that you have the support and guidance you need for your pregnancy AND after your birth. I am so grateful for the friends in my life that reached out to me even before I asked because I had no idea where to start. I think I was in shock for a good 6 weeks, and I wanted to get over the “safe zone” of carrying multiples before really digging into what I needed to do. 

We have a local Charlotte moms group on facebook that I love, and then I bought a few books that I researched that have worked well for me. I still lean a lot on Pinterest but I primarily lean on friends of friends (who were once complete strangers) to give opinions. I have a few apps like the Bump and What to Expect When You’re Expecting that I’ll occasionally jump on for some message board browsing, but its mainly just research.  
If you can offer any advice to women in your circumstances, what would you say
I think I may be a bit early in the pregnancy to answer this question whole-heartedly, but if I can say anything it would likely be to go with your gut, follow your instincts and trust yourself & your body. I had a few hiccups with my doctors and my birth plan and how I want to move my delivery forward, but I felt like my original OB wasn’t supportive of that. I can’t say that everything in multiple pregnancies will ever go how you want it to go, but you can always prepare for how you’d LIKE it to go. As long as everyone is on the same page, that shouldn’t be a problem. 

The other thing I would say is that it will all work out how its supposed to. I can worry, I can prepare, I can freak out, I can cry…but I do all those things knowing that everything will fall into place eventually and that everything I AM doing is enough and that it will be ok. 
Where can people find you? 

Facebook at Sara Bacheson Miano, just private message me! Or IG: @saramiano919. Friend me! 

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