Is Avoiding Germs Making You Sick?

It’s so simple, isn’t it?  You’re standing at the checkout line in the grocery store, and you see a big stash of hand sanitizer right by the cashier.  You think to yourself that you want to keep your family as germ-free as possible, so you grab a few of those tiny bottles at $1.00 a piece and you go on with your day.

Early in my career as a mom, I wanted to do whatever I could to keep my family healthy.  I am pretty sure that everyone is the same in that area.  I was using the harshest chemicals money can buy, thinking I was doing the right thing.  Well, when you know better, you do better.

It seems that everywhere we go, efforts to be  “anti-bacterial” and “anti-microbial” are becoming increasingly popular.  Grocery stores provide wipes for us to wipe down the shopping carts before we use them, schools are using them to protect our children, hospitals and other medical practices have that tiny bottle at every corner of their offices for everyone to take advantage of and protect themselves.  Interestingly, the chemicals in hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soaps could actually be making us sick before the germs themselves get a chance to. Everyone has been using conventional alchohol- an/or chemical-based hand sanitizers like water.


Triclosan: What is it?


Triclosan, similar in its uses and mechanism of action to triclocarban, is an antibacterial and antifungal agent found in consumer products, including toothpaste, soaps, detergents, toys, and surgical cleaning treatments. It is in nearly every single product we have available to us. It is a toxicant found in chemical-based products and has been linked to immune dysregulation and endocrine disruption.

Here’s the thing, guys.  As parents, even though we want what’s best for our families, we also are human in that we need convenience.  Looking further, what is convenient about making our families sick? Nothing.  All it takes is just a little bit of research but it requires  being open to change your ways.

While many companies have reformulated their products without triclosan, (Hallelujah!) I still feel the need to make mention of it mainly because I had NO IDEA what this stuff was. If you see a product that says “anti-bacterial” or “anti-microbial”, BUYER BEWARE: it usually means it’s packed with toxic chemicals but looks good in pretty packaging.   In addition to toxic chemicals, let’s make mention of hand sanitizers that have a high alcohol content.  The alcohol content is what leads to skin irritations, opening you up to more infections if the skin breaks. There were also reports (now on the increase) of serious adverse effects from alcohol ingestion.   It is a vicious cycle, you see?

So now what? What do we do? Hide in a bubble?  Don’t go outside? Hardly.  DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Since we have gone on our hunt for toxic-free living in our home, we have been introduced to several amazing companies that are on a mission for the greater good.  Our favorite companies include but aren’t limited to:

~Young Living Essential Oils: Not only do they have the purest essential oils in the world, but they also have the amazing Thieves line and Kidscents.

~ The Honest Company: Jessica Alba’s mission for non-toxic living has made quite an impact on families out for the same cause.

~ CRUNCHI : A non-toxic, organic, non-gmo, vegan, vegetarian, cruelty free company out of Stuart, Florida.  They have the best makeup with the most amazing coverage.

Happy Brand: We have been using this brand of baby food and other grocery items for our kids for the last five years.  Not only is their stuff affordable, but their ingredients are pronounceable!

A Resource:The Chemical Free Home : This book is an amazing resource for ideas, suggestions, and amazing realization of how to go chemical and as non-toxic as possible in your home.



We can certainly do this as a family of families if we stick together, educate, and support each other in this war against toxic chemicals!


Feel free to comment with your favorite companies!









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