How To Create Your Own Family Traditions

I am an eighties kid.  I am sure by the cover picture you were able to tell that.  Today is October 21, 2015.  For any eighties kid, this date has massive amounts of significance not to mention nostalgia and emotion.  When I was a kid, watching this trilogy was an escape for my siblings and I.  Home from school sick? Put on Back to the Future.  Parents arguing?  Put on Back to the Future.  Snowed in on a school day?  … Yep, you guessed it.  Put on Back to the Future.  I am amazed by the incredible flood of emotions and memories that are flowing through my brain today.  It is such a joyous time and one that I feel so privileged to have lived.  It was time when we would could ride our bikes around the block fearlessly, wake up extra early on a saturday morning because cartoons were on, and have Nintendo marathons with the neighbors.


After pondering how I am feeling about this day, and realizing how much I long for our family tradition and how much I miss being a kid, I thought about how I can implement the exact same thing in my kids’ lives.  My daughter is now five, the same age I was when this movie touched my life.  You know what that tells me? It starts NOW. Now is the time to give my kids traditions and memories that will last them into their adult life.

” It means your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one, both of you. ” – Doc Brown

My husband and I decided to make this day a family day.  We created a time capsule that “we invented” so as to keep traditions alive in our family.  We bought a box with a little lock.  In this time capsule is memorabilia of 2015.  We added our daughter’s favorite candy, our son’s favorite action figure, DVD’s of movies that our kids are obsessed with right now (to name a few things.)   Every year on October 21 we will make this a special day and center it around making memories with each other, adding things to our time capsule.  I can only imagine the look on their faces as they get older and see the things we kept from their childhood.  Things they themselves kept.


This is meant to be a time that they will look back fondly and recap “when they were five” and for a moment in their crazy adult life, they will get a glimpse of their childhoods.  They will shake hands with and give a giant hug to the little child inside of them.  As adults we all tend to forget what it is that made us who we are.  Sure we are poked and prodded in this world, and sure we have the typical stresses of adult life.  But that is no reason to forget the joys that childhood brought us. In fact, that is the very time to reflect on those joys.


I am time stamping this article for my son and daughter’s future.

Dear Skye and Gideon:

As you both will soon know, mommy is an emotionally driven nostalgia hoarder.  Right now, Skye, you are at school enjoying the wonderful things that a day in kindergarten brings.  Gideon, you at home with us as you were too sick to go to school today.  We are cool with that, Gid, because you are enjoying your scooter by yourself without having to share it for a moment.  Skye, when I was five, your mommy would rush home with your Uncle Bobby and race to the VCR (they don’t make them anymore) to put our favorite movie in.  It was usually a game of “paper, rocks, scissors” to determine if we were watching “Back to the Future” or “Dirty Dancing.”  I honestly didn’t care who won, because I was cool with whatever.  Today is October 21, 2015 and when I look into your eyes, Skye, I see the five-year-old me in there.  A girl who was blown away by such a cool iconic feature on the big screen. At the time, mommy was too young to see it in the theaters but that didn’t stop me from burning out the cassette that we ended up buying because Blockbuster video was tired of calling us on our home phone.

When you are old enough to read this and understand it, I am not sure what our family life will be like.  That is a beautiful thing.  I do know we will be together, and that our family will have had our traditions well developed and put into practice by then.  Today is the first day daddy and I started it.

You guys, the future is yours.  YOURS.  Daddy and I have such great memories as children and we both want that for you.  As I write this, Gideon, you are repeatedly flushing the toilet because you think its fun.  That is the good stuff.  As you get older life will try and beat you up and tear you down.  We may not be able to protect you.  That is not our job.  Our job is to prepare you.  Prepare you for what lies ahead and for what you will encounter.

We have so many more traditions to implement as family, and I look forward to all of it.

I love you so much.



October 21, 2015 12pm.


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