Bring On The Monotony!

I recently went to a leadership conference for the company I work for.  There was a woman named Glennon Doyle Melton that gave a talk. If you don’t know who she is, RUN to her site.  She was so real about life, and so inspirational to the 3 hundred-something women in that room.

She told this story that I SWEAR she took from my head.

“One night my husband and I were going about our routine at home.  It was about 8pm and we had just put the kids down to bed.  This was our “thing” every night. Afterward we fall into the couch and channel surf.  Suddenly, I looked at my husband as he’s chewing his popcorn and I thought to myself, ‘oh.  my  goodness.  I just might stab you.’  

She was being real about how marriage is rarely, if ever, perfect.  There will be times when you decide you just can’t be in the same room as each other.  It was so funny and so heartwarming at the same time.

It also made me realize that my husband must feel the same way about me at times.  I firmly believe I can drive him completely crazy most of the time.  You know what? THAT’s OKAY!  He is completely allowed to be annoyed by me.  I have decided to give him that freedom to dislike me when he feels the need.

The truth of the matter is that we are two perfect people forming a perfect union.  Marriage itself was created by a perfect God, performed for two perfect people. Fast forward to the pilot and I, we’ve lost a lot of connection between us and perfection, believe you me.

Even though I want him to love everything about me, every single second of every single day,   that just isn’t realistic.  The best part about marriage is that we are allowed to be each other’s best friend and mortal enemy at the exact same time.  That is the real life.  I am so glad he occupies his mind and his time with things that he loves; things that make him an individual.  Thankfully, he encourages the same in me.

We get so caught up in being wives, husbands, and parents that we forget that we are also souls.

“Women (and men) are more than roles.  They are souls.”  

“Mom”, “dad”, “husband”, “wife”.. what is with the titles?  Can’t you just be you?  Can’t we just be us?

You betcha.

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