Tantrums Are … Gone?

As we are enduring the tumultuous phases of Toddler Personality Syndrome, (it’s not a “thing” but it should be!) we have looked for countless methods of handling the three-second mood change without putting on sound blocking headphones and body armor.  My adorable, sweet, innocent son, G, has had the worst year of tantrums.  When I say that word, “tantrum” that is putting lightly, actually.  He would get so angry, and so out of control, that hubs and I started to be afraid for him!  There was so much going through our minds and even though we couldn’t find a source, we wanted a solution.  We wanted so badly for him to just be happy, but no matter what we did, no matter what trigger we avoided, no matter what food we gave or curbed, no matter what suggestion was offered, nothing seemed to work.

There was always that judgemental gaze coming from people in the grocery lines, or that look of disgust from the momster at the playground, and it just got so disheartening.  It’s not that I particularly care what people think, it was more like we felt bad that our son just was not happy.

We were advised to try so many things. Before we started disciplinary actions with timeouts and the like, we had a full evaluation.

– Speech

– ENT evaluation

– Dietary

He had mild speech delay, and that one part of the puzzle. Now we now he was frustrated not being able to express himself. He was born with a tongue-tie, so we had that taken care of at six months. We didn’t know he would have speech delay but hey things happen.

He also had several ear infections a month. He had one round of ear tubes and we now know they aren’t always a sure thing.

His ENT eval was very enlightening. After several visits we decided to relieve him of his frustration. He needed his adenoids and turbinates out. This is that story.

Natural Methods

I wish we had used essential oils of this caliber ages ago..even before pregnancy.  We mainly decided to try them because I was looking for other methods to ward off bouts anxiety other than medication, and I was also looking for healthier ways to take care of my body’s painful reaction to chronic illness. There are countless ways we have been using these essential oils.I had NO CLUE it would effect G the way that it has. It ended up being a surprising perk! Within an hour of putting a combination oil in our diffuser, an immediate change was seen in G.  It has been almost a month, and he is completely tantrum free. <Edit: October 2015 going on a year!>

If we can see one brewing, we reach for our oils and at the very least, we have calmed down his senses. It has been empowering to say the least.  We chose Young Living for our family as they set the standard for purity and authenticity.  They carefully monitor every step of the production of the oils from beginning to end.  It is called the “Seed To Seal” process.

If you’re reading this and want to try peace and calming, I will send it to you for free. Just email me at parentingactually@gmail.com or comment below with your email address and I will hook you up!


In addition to G being freed from tantrum torture, my nervous system has completely completely calmed down. In my earlier posts I’ve discussed my battles with post partum issues, and while now I can say I’ve completely recovered from it, life still throws its curveballs and some are harder to swerve from than others. As I diffuse these therapeutic grade essential oils, I literally can feel my heart slowing and my tension calming. They’re that effective.
 I will give you my wholesale number. As a Young Living fan, I want everyone to be able to receive these amazing oils at wholesale cost. If you are interested in my story and would like to have my wholesale link, I would love for you to feel comfortable enough to contact me personally, rather than me just posting a link and here’s why: You can easily buy these oils via any wholesale distributor but I personally want to know and help you. Once you order and subsequently receive your kit, you will want and need help and further instruction. I will add you to a Facebook group of more than 6,000 members who are equally excited about their paths to wellness.

Here is my email address should you have any questions: Contact me!

I promise you…

These little cuties :
Are happy little cuties.

This is our story, and we really wanted to share it. Please contact us if you have any further questions. Here’s to healthy families!

Disclaimer: I cannot and will not offer medical advice nor can I treat or diagnose. If you have a medical problem and are interested in treating such problems with essential oils but are uncertain if they are right for you, please contact your Health Care Provider. Essential Oils should be handled appropriately and with full knowledge of their need for responsible use.

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