Put Your Judgement Away

I feel inspired to write about a trending topic among parents. It’s probably one of the most irritating issues for me currently, other than babies being put in forward facing car seats before they’re physiologically ready . (more on this at a later date).

Folks, when you are talking to people, do you find yourself questioning what method of delivery brought them into this world? Let’s be real . Take, for example, your own parents. Do you know if their mothers had ”the evil” epidural? Do you find yourself saying, “oh, this is because his/her mother had a scheduled cesarean.” Of course you don’t. Even if we did know the answers would it really matter? It’s infuriating to me how so many people calling themselves experts weigh in on this fact. Here’s a fact for ya : Regardless how a baby is born, the point is that he/she was born.

Pregnancy is difficult enough and there’s already a barrage of reasons to be stressed out. Now come the annoying commentators that make a mother’s impending birth-giving out to be a multiple choice pop quiz on a topic she didn’t study for. Can we just set the record straight ? Ladies RELAX. Whether you have a baby in a toddler’s plastic swimming pool in your living room, with sedation, in state of twilight, adoption or even surrogacy the important point is that you’re having a baby! As we get past the newborn stage, it doesn’t even matter.
Do any of us really know what method of delivery any of these iconic people were delivered? Maya Angelou, John Lennon, Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, John F. Kennedy, or how about Eleanor Roosevelt?

These are people held in high regard, idolized, quoted, and even immortalized by the mark they made on human life. Can you imagine Kennedy being denied the presidency because he clearly is unfit for the job since his mom had a medicated delivery? (Did she? I don’t know. Great man though. Good job, Mrs. K)

Stop being so hard on wonderful pregnant women and just let them (us) do what works, without judgement. Stop the nonsensical articles about ”The side effects of taking an Advil during pregnancy” thus pushing women into a worrying frenzy !

As long as the baby is ready, then let’s have a baby! Did I mention I also took Zoloft during my pregnancy with Gideon?

Disclaimer:  He was a preemie because I have a rare disease called LCAT deficiency that causes renal disease and other issues.The placenta, in my pregnancies stops working after 34 weeks.



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