Money Out of a Toddler

My toddlers are magnetized to my husband’s wallet.  It’s an unexplained phenomenon.  Anything that is in their reach is fair game which is why I’ve repeatedly told my hubs to keep his wallet in a safe place.

One morning we weren’t watching the little darling and she grabbed the wallet and cleaned it out.  Literally.  Hubs was in a hurry to leave for work so he got it back from her and headed out the door. Suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks and says, “hun, I had $80.00 in here, and now there’s only $8.00 in singles.”  We looked and we looked and she was in ONE place when this incident happened.  How, we wondered, did the little magician make the money disappear? When we asked her where it was, of course, “I no no” was the only reply we could get from her.

Days go by.  Still, NO CASH.

One night, Hubs came in from work and checked on her before we went to bed, as he usually does.  He walks into her room, and there’s the money scattered all over her floor. We concluded she somehow kept it hidden in one of her books.

So there you have it.  My daughter is a klepto.  Fabulous.

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